Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Iyaaaa! Ohmagadddd, haven't done a blog in ages!
Anyway, to the last blog, things did go well, and i'm actually not just saying that so i don't look like a nob! It's so weird cause i must be the most unlucky person i've ever met and somethings actually going alright for a change!
Well we havent actually met yet but lol! It's alright, I think he is definately one of the most amazing people, ive not met yet<3 I think he's gorgeous, inside and out:-) I actually think i could like, properly love this kid? Maybe, maybe.
Oh and Happy birthday to him!

Which brings me onto the fact that birthdays get shitter and shitter as you get older? When i was 5, I'd have my birthday for like a week. Everytime someone even incorporated sarcasm or nastiness towards me, i'd always be like, ''You cant do that its my birthday''
I also remember a couple of my favourite insults when i was 5. Oh god they're hardcore

''You're not coming to my birthday party now''- When i was younger the most amazing place on earth was jolly rodgers. It was like heaven! But strangely enough instead of watching normal 5 year old things like big cook little cook, i used to watch home and away with my mum?!

''I'm not talking to you anymore'' - 5 minutes later i'd be laughing with them

''You're not my friend anymore''- the person i'd be saying this too, probably didnt want to be my friend anyway, just wanted to come to my birthday party.

A lot has been going through my mind lately, and i've just thought, I've done some fucking stupid things. Like fucking overly stupid. I've now learnt that i cant handle my drink, so i stopped drinking basically. I'm just hoping things go my way for once, I mean, i like helping people dont get me wrong, but its like i'll help them, then when i need help, there is no one there for me? It's pretty shit but i learn to keep stuff like that to myself, dont need the judging bastards of the world having something else against me do i?

P.s- Ignorance is most definately bliss.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Maybe it's not going to be so depressive.
I met someone haha, gotta love technology. Well, the techno that doesnt set on fire anywayyy.
He's lovely and i know hes reading this so I will say whats on my mind.
I really like you, and I think we could be amazing together. I hope things work because I like how this is going.
And you should tell me how you feel on msn(a)
Even if you dont, im going to pretend to my bloggers that you have, because otherwise i will look like a massive nob! hehe

Night blogga!